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Control your heating, lighting, security systems, swimming pool, home, business, community centre and more from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Save energy. Save money. 

Always be in control with Electair Connect remote monitoring.


Control your heating, lighting and more from your mobile phone, tablet or computer.


Save money on your energy bills.


Works with any energy supplier, no need to switch.


Making life so much easier and can giving peace of mind knowing you can make quick changes if and when required.

Making maximum use of maintenance staff and a quick response can save major restart problems such as reducing the risk of flood damage if a drainage pump failed or reduce risk of livestock dying from cold if heating fails


Energy managers can use a portable test case system to measure what they need to know and then take the case to another site and decide if the potential economies are worth making changes. Alternatively, installing permanent monitoring systems. With our WattsOn box, we can show, import and export readings kwh kva kvar/voltage/amps/power factor for all three phases.


Farmers have equipment, livestock and greenhouse crops in many remote locations. Failure of this equipment can be expensive and cause risk to chickens, piglets, calves and other animals. This equipment can monitor your valuable assets provided you have a mobile phone signal or it can be wind or solar powered if necessary.


Commissioning engineers are always looking for ways to reduce time traveling to site. Being able to know the urgency of going to a particular site can dramatically reduce overheads together with improving customer service. Further, getting charts of selected parameters are always very helpful in getting the best out of the system and being able to prove the system complies with the specification.


Maintenance Managers can both reduce the number of site visits or go having better information about what has gone wrong, enabling them to send the suitable engineer. Companies with planned maintenance contracts where the system was not large enough to have a full BMS with telementary can have this system added to vital equipment. When under pressure, it can make all the difference if a planned visit can be deferred.


Production engineers who often only work day shifts want to know what is happening with the system. Out of normal working hours helps to give advice to on duty staff by being able to see what is happening on site or making changes over the system.


Vending machines, pin tables, ticket machines and other equipment with limited fault signals can be directly connected to the interface box. This can perform multiple tasks such as inform of low stock levels, jammed mechanisms, full coin boxes, etc. They can also transit location information as well as any faults.


Alternative energy is fantastic but knowing how well it is working is essential. With remote monitoring it is possible to receive, record and monitor such information. Until recently this type of equipment has been only been available for large systems, our system allows it to be economic for smaller situations. With our WattsOn box, we can show, import and export readings kwh kva kvar/voltage/amps/power factor for all three phases. 


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